Why Good Bookkeeping Matters

Posted By Caroline Gratzer,
If you have launched a new business, you will need to manage finances, payroll, cashflow, sales, expenses and a lot more.  Bookkeeping is one of your business's foundational pillars and is a meti...

Bite-sized bookkeeping

Posted By Caroline Gratzer,
As published in Inside Small Business magazine, Winter 2020 (CLICK HERE) It’s time to close the books for the year and if you do your own bookkeeping this may feel daunting, but it doesn’t need to...

Home Office Expenses

Posted By Caroline Gratzer,
Tracking home office expenses to correctly determine the work-related proportion can be challenging. The ATO will accept a short-cut method of using a rate per hour worked and this has been lifted to...

FY20 Super Deadline

Posted By Caroline Gratzer,
If you would like to claim the superannuation payment for the June quarter as an expense in this financial year, make your payment by June 23rd. This will ensure the payments reach the superannuation...

Time For a Fresh Start

Posted By Caroline Gratzer,
If you have been thinking about changing accounting software or moving from manual systems to digital, doing so at the start of the new financial year is the ideal time to make the switch. Cloud...