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Maven or ma·vin [ mey-vuh n ]

an expert or connoisseur.


I’m Caroline and I set up Ledger Mavens as I passionately believe in small businesses and the difference excellent bookkeeping can make to the lives of business owners and their families. 

Bookkeeping the smart way.


Finances are the heartbeat of every company and good bookkeeping is critical to business success.

Accurate books are a legal requirement. Inaccurate books cost time, money and frustration. I believe better bookkeeping builds a better business.

Your best just got better.

How we can help…

Personalized bookkeeping services – as little or often as you need Xero file catch up + clean up Payroll, PAYG, superannuation
BAS / GST lodgements Xero file set-up + systems Xero file support + training
End of financial year preparation Accounts payable + invoicing Financial reporting

There are many things only you can do in your business. But bookkeeping isn’t one of them. With mounting compliance challenges, bookkeeping is a meticulous and exacting task, with hefty penalties for getting it wrong. This is a function that is better outsourced.


What are the benefits of
working with Ledger Mavens?

Reclaim your time and focus. You didn’t start your business to be a bookkeeper.  Let the bookkeeping mavens take care of the books so you can focus on growing your business.

Reduce stress and risk. The government is digitizing and has greater access to business data, faster.  We live and breathe bookkeeping and have the knowledge, expertise and resources so that you don’t have to.  Good bookkeeping is good for your health…and helps you sleep!

Be digital and perfectly organized. Have your financial data organised in a streamlined digital flow.  You’ll love having information available at your fingertips, anywhere, any time.

Reduce costs and improve growth. Present your accountant with impeccable books they don’t need to spend hours fixing. They’ll love you for it and you’ll be able to have meaningful discussions instead. Don’t miss opportunities to improve your bottom-line by being busy with paperwork.

Clear and confident decision making. Receive accurate, timely financial reports that put you firmly in control of your business.

No nasty surprises. Have a trusted bookkeeper who is ahead of the ball and keeps you informed – always.

Don't do it all on your own. No question is too small and whenever you need to talk or raise an issue, just get in touch. All my clients have unlimited contact.

We LOVE bookkeeping

Great books are only the start.

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